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4 members are part of the Bureau :

President : Carmen Evans

Secretary : Carole Goulay

Treasurer : Aurélie Labouret

Communication Coordinator : Damien Huppert



Sophie Ferrier : English Classes

Judith Morisset : English Classes, English for Maternelle children, Bookworms, Mini Kids Club, Kids Club

Matthew Williamson : English Club - Collège

Aude d'Allest: On Stage Drama - Primary, The Theatre Company - College 


Sophie Ferrier

Sophie Ferrier

"Having grown up in a British home based in Andorra, I learnt from a very early age the value of learning languages when you’re young.

After a career in Human Resources in two multi-national companies, and a move to Toulouse, I started teaching English to adults, and became a volunteer within English Link. I enjoyed it so much that I took a TEFL course and started working as a teacher in the Association 4 years ago.

It is a very exciting and rewarding job being part of the English Link team, helping children from many backgrounds and origins continue to develop their skills in English in a fun and stimulating environment."

Judith Morisset

Judith Morisset

"Hi, I'm Judith, one of the newest members of English Link. With my honours degree in French language and literature I left a little village in Leicestershire almost 11 years ago for a working summer in the south of France and never looked back! I wasn't made for England : I don't drink tea, I like my meat rare and anything less than 25° and I'm freezing. Needless to say I'm happy and settled. In my previous jobs I was always 'The English Reference" and so 2 years ago decided to make a career change. TEFL certified I have been teaching English ever since. I teach English to both bilingual and non-bilingual students and give private lessons to under 18s also.

As a parent of a bilingual child myself I feel that it is essential to keep the English language as strong as the French and to bring in their second culture as much as possible. I'm passionate about what I do and fascinated and proud of what the children are able to accomplish from the youngest of ages."

Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson

"My name is Matthew Williamson. I come from Melbourne, Australia and have been living in France since 2011. I run the English Club at Le Caousou.

During my career as an English teacher, I've had (and continue to have) the privilege of teaching English to people of all ages, from many celebrated companies and institutions (Airbus group, Stelia Aerospace, Dierichbourg, BASF, 3m, Thales, Latecoere, Yamaha and many others).

It is great working with the kids in the Club to help them continue to practice and improve their English throughout the school year."

Aude d'Allest

Aude d'Allest

I started drama when I was 7 years old and, after all these years my passion is still alive! I have been an actress in different groups in Paris and in Toulouse, I have been in an English drama group for two years. I direct plays for adults and I also have an Association that performs musicals and plays for disabled children. My purpose in teaching theatre to children is to give them a chance to express themselves through drama games, exercises to learn how to express feelings and listening to each other on stage. For that reason, I use a lot of improvisation to ensure the activities are fun and lively.



Volunteers, we need you!


Like many associations, we rely on our volunteers to help run part of our activities. We have very committed parents and we need you for:

  • the workshops

  • the Christmas party and family activities

  • the school Open Day

  • our End of Year Show

We  work exclusively within the Caousou School in Toulouse. Sharing a constructive experience in supporting young english speakers learning their language, promoting and enhancing a cultural exchange.


March 27

CP / CE1 workday and Toulouse Explorer Challenge

May 13

Theater Company Performance

May 21

OnStage! Performance





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The purpose of this page is simply to provide a shared place for the English Link team and families to exchange relevant information, not only about English Link activities, but also any local news which might be relevant to English Link / international families (events, clubs, fairs etc.).


We hope that as many of you as possible join this page and help us to keep it full of relevant and interesting news.


For those of you who don’t have a Facebook account please don’t worry – we will of course continue to send news to everyone by email.


The English Link team

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