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A little bit of history... 




A group of mothers got together to propose to the administration of the Caousou (primary school) the idea of working with the English speaking pupils. The main intention was to maintain the children's language skills within the French school system itself. The English speakers at the primary were taken out of their English as a foreign language classes and given opportunities to work in small groups. 




Following the success of the first years, the Association was created in July 2007. The English Link Association is independent from the Caousou, but it operates within the school and works closely with its staff members to obtain a coherent curriculum.




Schooling in the early years of a child’s life provides a vital basis for their intellectual, emotional and physical development and the degree to which they are prepared for the opportunities and challenges they will face in life.


The teachers and volunteers of the English Link are dedicated to providing an ideal environment for this development with an ethos based on the founding principles of the school. 


Small class sizes offer an exceptional level of personal attention, enabling us to help all children develop according to their individual capabilities.







March 27

CP / CE1 workday and Toulouse Explorer Challenge

May 13

Theater Company Performance

May 21

OnStage! Performance





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The purpose of this page is simply to provide a shared place for the English Link team and families to exchange relevant information, not only about English Link activities, but also any local news which might be relevant to English Link / international families (events, clubs, fairs etc.).


We hope that as many of you as possible join this page and help us to keep it full of relevant and interesting news.


For those of you who don’t have a Facebook account please don’t worry – we will of course continue to send news to everyone by email.


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