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We work with English speaking children in a supportive and challenging environment, to help them achieve a high level of oral, reading, writing and comprehension. 

We are happy to welcome your children and help them reinforce their existing English skills with activities that are both enjoyable and challenging. 


The children have an opportunity to gain pleasure and confidence using the English language, whilst we provide support in areas of weakness.




english classes

  • From Maternelle to CM2


extra-curricular activities

  • For maternelle children

             Munchkin Club  :

             Songs, stories and

  • For primary children :          


Mini Kids Club

             Kids club

             Drama club


  • For collège English Club

Drama Club : The  Theatre Company


family activities


Coffee mornings

Christmas Party


AGM & Garden Party


Valuable Support from LE CAOUSOU

"Chaque année, la ville de Toulouse accueille de nombreuses familles venant des quatre coins du monde.

La plupart des enfants de ces familles ont pour langue d’usage l’anglais. Suivre les cours d’anglais avec les enfants français ne leur permet pas d’approfondir leur niveau.

Au sein de l’école du Caousou, l’association « English Link » a été créée par des parents bénévoles  il y a maintenant plusieurs années pour répondre aux besoins de ces enfants.

L’English Link est une réelle valeur ajoutée pour notre école et offre une belle ouverture sur le monde.

En tant que directrice, je remercie très sincèrement tous les membres de cette association qui travaillent de concert avec l’équipe éducative de l’école."


Danièle Granry

Directrice de l'école primaire Le Caousou


March 27

CP / CE1 workday and Toulouse Explorer Challenge

May 13

Theater Company Performance

May 21

OnStage! Performance





N°10 OUT NOW !!!

English Link on Facebook!

We are very happy to send you a link to our new Facebook page: 

Le Caousou – English Link


The purpose of this page is simply to provide a shared place for the English Link team and families to exchange relevant information, not only about English Link activities, but also any local news which might be relevant to English Link / international families (events, clubs, fairs etc.).


We hope that as many of you as possible join this page and help us to keep it full of relevant and interesting news.


For those of you who don’t have a Facebook account please don’t worry – we will of course continue to send news to everyone by email.


The English Link team

This website provides an insight into the life of the Association and aims to give you the information you might require.  If there is anything else you need to know, please join us on :

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